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We decided to split up R in a subprojects to allow for frugal installations, i.e. R is included in the latest releases of open SUSE since 11.3, so it may be installed without adding any repositories directly from yast. If you just install R-base you get a complete installation of R-core, recommended packages, docs, and devel files. For server installations you can now start from R-core and add only what you need to your R installation. Following a list of all the packages that now make R-base-3.4.1: .In this case i’m going to install apache, Maria DB-server, Maria DB-client.Every time zypper ask your confirmation to install the corresponding package.dsu --apply-upgrades-only     To get the list of only upgradable components dsu --apply-downgrades-only     To get the list of only downgradable components dsu --apply-equivalent-updates     To get the list including equivalent components dsu --update-list= When the type is --destination-type=ISO : DSU runs in the interactive mode and the selected updates are delivered as a bootable ISO. When ISO if used along with --non-interactive : A bootable ISO is created. The repository location should be configured using --config= When the type is --destination-type=CBD : CBD is Custom Bootable DSU.DSU runs in the interactive mode and provides the selected updates along with deployment script.

Below for at least all actively maintained releases of open SUSE available. For your convenience older releases are supported as long as no work is required to keep R compiling for those unmaintained releases of open SUSE.Document generated on: 2017-08-23 (revision: 53609) The following instructions assume that no versions of My SQL (whether distributed by Oracle or other parties) have already been installed on your system; if that is not the case, follow instead the instructions given in Replacing My SQL Installed by an RPM from Other Sources.My SQL's validate_password plugin is installed by default.The My SQL SLES repository supports SLES 12 (for My SQL 5.6 and later) and SLES 11 (from 11.3 onward, for My SQL 5.5 and later), and only for the x86-64 architecture. For help with using My SQL, please visit either the My SQL Forums or My SQL Mailing Lists, where you can discuss your issues with other My SQL users.For additional documentation on My SQL products, including translations of the documentation into other languages, and downloadable versions in variety of formats, including HTML and PDF formats, see the My SQL Documentation Library.

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