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Of course, Mary-Kate is incredibly busy with the Elizabeth and James clothing label that she co-created with Ashley, but her regular everyday activities are totally relatable. We don’t need so much time to sit and think and ponder.

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I joked with friends that I'd be spending the evening with a dozen men eager to spend their five minutes apiece quizzing me on papal encyclicals. Giving it a shot On the day of the event, I was one of the first people to arrive at the bar.

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reported yesterday, and though neither Beckinsale nor Rife has commented on their relationship, photos surfaced of the two passionately kissing in West Hollywood.

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In the early ‘70s, the Northern Student merged with the Mass Comm. at the influence of James Mc Mahon, the public relations director for BSU at the time, who also served as the newspaper’s adviser.

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