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In his 1983 National Day Rally, then Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew commented on the phenomenon of well-educated women remaining single, and highlighted its implications on Singapore’s talent pool.He warned that the talent pool would be depleted unless better-educated Singaporeans married and had more children.There are also another 253,000 people aged 40 and above who are divorced, separated or widowed and some of them may be looking for a second chance at love., which the friends and family of singles were encouraged to buy as gifts for their forever-alone loved ones. But I’m not sure how people would feel if their mums gave them a SDN voucher.The government has made some half-hearted attempts to encourage companies to offer flexi-work, but the take-up rate has been low.

For those suffering from mental illnesses, there’s No Longer Lonely.

Ask anyone who has decent social skills and yet has been single for a long time, and you can bet they’ll blame it on work.

which shed light on the fact that more Singaporeans are staying single found that the biggest reason was, again, work—people preferred to focus on their careers.

Single, full-time employees who don’t have a good enough excuse (ie.

kids to pick up after school) often have few chances to request a flexible schedule—this despite the fact that more and more people are doing jobs that can be done remotely thanks to the Internet.

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